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Fenshui hotel, qi county

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Star: samsung

Telephone: (0354) 5222997

Address: 38 yingbin east street, qi county (east of railway station)

KTV, sauna bath

Detailed introduction


Shanxi FenShui catering culture co., LTD. Was established in November 2007, the company formerly known as FenShui qixian hotel, was established in 1985, is a brand with a history of 20 years old, adhere to the "customer first, reputation first" marketing strategy, the county has a good reputation. The company layout is reasonable, the building area is 6800 square meters, the hotel has the housekeeping department: there are 334 standard rooms, 4 business suites, and the total number of 8. Hotel food and beverage, classic Chinese style, European style, decorate exquisite, with nine rooms, balconies nine VIP rooms, two large guest rooms, five major luxury rooms, dining hall of 660 square meters, can accommodate more than 1000 people dining at the same time. The dining environment is elegant, hygienic and comfortable. The hotel also has sauna and KTV for guests to relax.


The hotel is based on the "three - jin flavor". Adhering to the century-old flavor of jin cuisine, we have continuously excavated and innovated for many years. We have come in and accepted the various talents of the north and south cuisines. The dishes have been brought forth, and the unique style has been formed. The old city is full of praise for our food. The hotel has won the reputation of "food hygiene letter" for its quality and service. The kitchen equipment is updated with the advanced natural gas cookware in guangzhou, making the kitchen more sanitary, safe and convenient. Using the cutting-edge IPVOD multimedia hotel management system, it became the first hotel in the province to own the system. Hotel depends on brand "technical superiority" hardware advantages, combined with standardized management system, high-quality staff, to create the characteristic products, to provide high quality service to customers, is worthy of being called a "three-star hotel.


Recently, fenshui hotel provides excellent service for customers. In order to further expand the popularity of fenshui. Officially launched WeChat public platform, we hope that netizens will pay attention to our WeChat ID. Input in WeChat: "fenshui" can find us, or can join us via a qr code scan. We will inform you on the website and WeChat public platform in time.


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