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Qixian hongjin tailai tea book court

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Add:Xi street, qi county

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Hongjin tai lai tea book court formerly known as the hongjin yinqi old site is located in qixian county west street 14, the county cultural relic protection unit. It was founded in 1917 by the village of joiburg. Initial capital bai Yang 60,000 yuan. In 1920, when he was unprofitable, Joe drained all of his capital and was replaced by yan weifan and Yang bing. Adopting joint-stock system, the total issuance of small tickets is over 300,000 yuan. Yan is the chairman and Yang is the manager. In taiyuan, suiyuan, tianjin, Anton, hongdong, etc. It collapsed in 1940. The old site has a wide range of eight rooms and three deep ones. It is now icbc, and then the two houses of the east and the east, and the existing 26 houses in the east courtyard, the existing 10 houses in the west courtyard, covering an area of about 780 square meters.


Macro New York is the shanxi jin tai tea FenShui food culture co., LTD., subordinate enterprises, the company was established in November 2007, the company formerly known as FenShui qixian hotel, was established in 1985, is a brand with a history of 20 years old, adhere to "customer first, reputation first" marketing strategy, the county has a good reputation.

The company layout is reasonable, the building area is 6800 square meters, the hotel has the housekeeping department: there are 334 standard rooms, 4 business suites, and the total number of 8. Hotel food and beverage, classic Chinese style, European style, decorate exquisite, with nine rooms, balconies nine VIP rooms, two large guest rooms, five major luxury rooms, dining hall of 660 square meters, can accommodate more than 1000 people dining at the same time. The dining environment is elegant, hygienic and comfortable. The hotel also has sauna and KTV for guests to relax.

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