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Address:No.33, east street, QiXian, Shanxi




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Qixian Hotel

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The star:no


Add:109 dongfeng road, qixian county (east of the county government)

KTV,Sauna bath

Detailed Introduction


Qi county hotel is called qi county and the hotel, formerly the second guest house of the qi county people's government, is the important reception unit of the county government. Established in 1984, the whole reconstruction was completed in 2002, covering an area of 8,300 square meters and covering an area of 6 mu.

The housekeeping department has a set of 1, 5 large sets, 2 sets of 2, and 60 standard rooms, which can be used for different levels of consumer accommodation.

The food and beverage department now has 400 banquet halls, 3 rooms, 18 rooms and 1 size meeting rooms.

Qi county and the hotel food and beverage department are mainly based on four noodle dishes and jin cuisine, with sichuan cuisine, cantonese cuisine and so on. Qi county is the hometown of noodle, the pasta has its own characteristics.

At the same time sauna, foot care center, commodity department and other departments complete services. It is a three-star hotel integrating catering, accommodation, leisure and conference. It's a great place for all kinds of government and business activities.

The hotel will always serve the purpose of the hotel.

Courteous, gentle, considerate and diligent, the perfection is the gift of every employee of qi county and hotel to the guests.