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Our county cadre education training site teaching
Release time:2017-09-19

On July 20, our county cadre education training site teaching base of qilian teaching base was held in jinshang culture museum. Zhang xin, member of the standing committee of the county committee and the secretary of the organization, attended and spoke.

At the ceremony, zhang shibin, executive vice President of the county party school, introduced the preparation work of the teaching point.


According to the knowledge, the city has built 15 cadre education training site teaching base and teaching point, and our county has undertaken the construction of the two teaching points of the jinshang culture education qiao family courtyard and the canal house.

Zhang xin said that two teaching points have been established in our county, which is both a affirmation of the municipal committee's training for the education training of cadres in our county, and a chance for the training of our county cadres to step up to a new level. Today's 


opening is not a period for the construction of teaching sites, but a new stage in the field of teaching. In the future, we will continue to work on the development and upgrading of the courses, supporting the hardware facilities, the management of the teachers' team, and the long working mechanism, etc., in order to undertake the teaching work of education, a cadre of provincial and municipal cadres. We will take this as an opportunity to further our efforts to create new levels of training for the cadre education.

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After the ceremony, the county party secretary wu wensheng, zhang xin and the participants in the activity went into the main school of the canal to study. There are four teaching points of "cultural heritage", "social contribution", "integrity" and "pioneering and innovation". Each teaching point has different teaching contents. The completion of teaching points has ended the history of education, which was only theoretical, educational and infantive. It created a new model of situational, interactive and experiential teaching. Everybody listens carefully, really feel jin shang culture education.


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