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The admission notice for admission to the universi
Release time:2017-08-01

The 2017 college entrance exam graduates are good places to visit

"Read 10,000 books, travel 10,000 miles", tourism not only cheerful mood, more conducive to the growth of knowledge. With the result of the college entrance examination and the completion of periodic studies, "prospective college students" can finally travel easily.

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A summer holiday for canal house

20 July - 30 August

The scenic area of canal family courtyard in qixian county, Shanxi Province


Activity is introduced

The national college entrance examination graduates with the university admission notice and my id card can travel to the scenic area of the shanxi canal family.

Play strategy:

Drive from taiyuan, two hours or so to reach the county seat of shanxi qi county, or take the train taiyuan qi county, the railway station a 301 bus can get to the ancient city.

Located at the east end of jinshang old street, the canal house of zhaoyu ancient city in qilian county, built in the qianlong period, has a history of more than 300 years. It is a typical representative of the courtyard buildings in the qing dynasty. The owner of that year built more than 40 courtyards in the county, covering an area of 23628 square meters, enjoying the "canal half city" reputation.

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In 1994, the state administration of cultural heritage and the ministry of construction experts luo, activist who inspect canal house compound, highly: "jstars qixian courtyard is known as the" northern residential building one of the jewels in the qing dynasty, the canal house compound, by contrast, is a double wall, even in the local architectural art, both compound is the treasure of Chinese architectural art ".

In April 2001, luo, activist and other experts examine qixian city again and compound channel home after evaluation, said: "in Beijing the imperial palace and terracotta warriors in xian, there are houses thousands, qixian canal house compound is an excellent example for homes qixian".