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[special recommendation] the canal house will re-c
Release time:2017-07-22

The summit of the mayor of the fifth china-russia "tea ceremony", which will be held on May 15 solstice, will be held in pingyao on May 15, under the theme of "co-building and sharing together - making the city closer together". As the center of tea, the delegates attending the mayor summit in the future, our county along the canal compound and tea museum visit, house of canal qixian courtyard and wanli tea museum to exhibit is studied by using two months.

This exhibition has more fully revealed the profound cultural deposits of jinshang college. There are five parts, such as couplets, calligraphic works, canal family training, canal family business, and metrology, which are divided into qi county historical and famous series. The historical figures qixian series using traditional arts such as calligraphy, painting, paper cutting as the main approach, from different angles show the qixian influential historical figures in the history of each period.

Yan biao, the minister of the house of qiao family

Jingqudongtai8. JPG

The canal Chen Zhan compound, and wanli Chen Zhan tea museum, mainly from the technique application of the traditional craft, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, these tactics are examples of local culture technique, shied away from the computer printing, spraying, the display can reflect our more background culture. The highlights of Chen's exhibition are higher than those of the regular museum, which reflect the current and current cultural level and heritage of qi county.


The rendezvous is a key to the tea ceremony and tea merchants qixian, there are ancient tea ceremony nearly a century, tea village site, 23 from qixian tea help are the pioneers of wanli tea ceremony and the main force of business, the tea with their own wisdom and courage, exploiting and development of the tea ceremony of played an indelible role, for future generations left a precious material wealth and spiritual wealth. In the exhibition of the tea ceremony museum in wanli, Chen showed a sketch of the tea ceremony and the tea section of qi county. More on the giant topographic map shows the tea ceremony on wuyi under the plum, hunan, hubei, anhui, SheDian, east mouth, an important node characteristics of Mongolia and Russia, and exhibited in the form of calligraphy and painting the tea ceremony qixian sites, such as tea, tea fu and tea qixian painting and relevant culture content.

Yan biao, the minister of the house of qiao family

The canal family courtyard has been built in the past few years to repair, after maintenance, basically is the zero Chen show, which means that there is no cloth exhibition. Because of the ancient construction maintenance, this is required from the ancient building requirements. Through this exhibition, in just two months, almost all the compound was on display.

Canal house compound the again, stick to the traditional culture, which has one house feature, a courtyard landscape, tourists in comprehension, magnificent, understand business culture, also can explore, research, and the protection of Wan Licha road, and the tea tasting tea culture experience area, in order to gain more abundant tourism experience.


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