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Close to the canal house, the pursuit of jin merch
Release time:2017-11-28

The canal house, located at the east end of jinshang old street, was built in qianlong period, which has a history of nearly 300 years.

The canal house was built in the reign of emperor qianlong in the qing dynasty. It is located in jinzhong city, Shanxi Province, where the owner of 40 courtyards in the county was known as "canal half city". The buildings with an area of 23628 square meters, has developed a 7500 square meters, the entire grand solemn, compound high majesty, meteorological solemnity, send out the spirit of the han nationality traditional culture, temperament and verve.

A rare five-in-one in the country. The Ming Lou courtyard, the courtyard, the courtyard, the theater courtyard clever combination, strewn at random. The mountain peak, the top of the mountain, the top of the roof and the top of the mountain are different in various forms, and the main time is distinct, and the traditional cultural elements of the han nationality and the profound artistic foundation are concentrated, which has a high cultural value and artistic value.

The more prominent characters in the canal family are the source of the canal, the source of the canal, the canal source, the canal and the canal. The source and source of the source and source are the brothers of the brothers, namely, "tian xi", "wang" and "jin". Although the source is rich children, but not like luxury, the family is rigorous, self-serve, generous, willing to help others. Source Zhen have been reading is very smart, later is also recognized as superior in business, almost no compensate tired losses in business life, and have the phrase "the rich man, have a vision, to make money not drill moneypenny son". Qu yuan is not the same as them: a standard dandy. He likes to play the opera, and has been the first one in the history of jin opera.

On either side of the main courtyard are the courtyard houses, which are set up in the 17th and 21st rooms, where the "business event" is on display. In the 17th room, it was the scene of opening, which was very lively, and there was a song of the jin merchants. The 18th room shows the apprentice and salary, the silver and the body. In the 19th exhibition room, it is reflected in the temple fair, as well as the ancestors, such as the carpenter, the master lu ban, the king sun simiao, and the liquor dukang, etc. The 20th exhibition room is a description of the logo, and the performance of the opera table. In front of him, he said that he founded the "shang and shang pear garden", which he likes to play the dog, "the sex is squandered, the thousands of gold will stand up later", a piece of house is kicked clean. He is willing to pay a lot of money to hire famous people everywhere.

Skills in order to improve the channel, put the pear in divided into two classes, research work focuses on reform and performance, work to learn skills to foster TongLing is king, in the house they built a stage, is still intact. It is believed that the private residence of the opera house in Shanxi Province alone. Liyuan stage play a lot of, have the familiar "play golden" "loyal service to" and so on, are their specialty, JiuYanBuCui, so to speak, gather the establishment of the opera, the middle road bangzi has entered a new period of development. The exhibition hall is displayed with the collection of turtle ages and the award of the international exposition of panama, and also introduces the development of the drugstore.

The whole courtyard, the appearance is the castle pattern, the wall head is the clenbule type female wall, the inside cent 8 big courtyard, 19 quadrangle courtyard, total 240 rooms, the floor area is 5,317 square meters. Between the courtyard and the courtyard, there is a memorial hall, a courtyard and a door of the beautiful structure. Among them, the stone carving railings, the five-entry hall, the house of CARDS and the theatre are the four architectural features of the canal house.

The grand courtyard of the canal house is magnificent and magnificent, overlooking the pavilion of exquisite and exquisite, the courtyard between the courtyard, the hall separated, the level is clear, lively and interesting. Outside the house, colorful, piles of gold powder. Wood, stone, brick carving pitch can be seen, the theme is broad, the meaning is peaceful, the knife is fine. Mr. Zheng xiaoxie, an expert in the ministry of national construction, praised sincerely that every building component of the canal house is a priceless work of art, and a well-deserved treasure of han people.