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[recommendation] long yuchuan tea house - wanli te
Release time:2017-09-15

Qi county is located in the middle of Shanxi Province, known as "zhao yu", because of "zhao yu qi ze" and named. Qi county is the base of "jinshang", which is the top of qi, taiping and pinggang. Far away in the song dynasty, qi county businessmen have made their mark in the domestic market. In the Ming and qing dynasties, especially in the qing dynasty, commerce, trade and finance flourished. To the tao, the salty, the same, the light years, the development to the golden age.


Qixian commercial shops across the country, and even as far away as Russia's Siberia and Moscow, write the "huitong the world", "goods pass under heaven", "jin merchants wanli tea ceremony", and many other legends, has also contributed to jstars, channel home and family, a group of the pride of the hundreds of years of Ming and qing dynasties shanxi businessman. The ancient city of zhaoyu is a treasure-house of the culture of the jin dynasty. The existing Ming and qing dynasties, hundreds of shops and shops in the Ming and qing dynasties indicated the prosperity of tea, tickets, fights, ceremonies, cloth and miscellaneous industries. The number of the company, such as shengyuan, daedheng, daedong and sanjin source marks qi county's glory in holding countrywide financial bull's ear. The old site of zhaoyu college and competition new school reflects the foresight of jin merchants training talents; All kinds of rules and regulations, the history of the sign of the jin merchants integrity, the two separation of the management of the road.


More than two hundred years ago, Chinese tea exports accounted for more than 70 percent of Russian trade. And it is possible to make this vast amount of exports, which is the path of the tea that stretches thousands of miles from mount wuyishan, north to chak, which was opened by the jin merchants. And the core and the center of Wan Licha road, is located in the hometown of shanxi shanxi qixian city long yu chuan old number, business for the longest time, it is also one of the largest tea, has been set up for "jin tea museum".


Long yuchuan tea village, opened in qing qianlong, jiaqing period, by canal yinghuang alone. It was originally named chang shunchuan, and in 1925 it was renamed changyu chuan. The late qing dynasty to the period of the republic of China, by the channel source wave and its Sun Qu arrival for installation, the total number is located in qixian town house lane, in hankou, changsha, suiyuan, tianjin and other places have 24, occupies three village in hubei province, a total of staff more than 100 people. The capital is 100,000, divided into ten shares, and the body stock is ten shares. The dividend per share in the boom period is about 8000 per share. After the second decade of the republic of China (1931), the trade in salt was changed. The Japanese fell after the invasion in 1937.


"Changyu chuan" was built in the early years of the republic of China. Into the long yu chuan, a spacious spread the blue brick flies in the aisle quietly in the foot, at the end of the tunnel is a two-story eaves attic, the door to the attic summit, flanked by four compound and two side yard, there are brick houses more than one hundred, the hospital building, system building, the eaves hallway painted gold, stone eaves, cultured is majestic style; Brick, wood, stone carving craft is exquisite, can be seen everywhere, convey the meaning is profound. The most notable of these is the southwest courtyard, which is a large set of blue-stone relief carvings. The carving art is European style, but the carving content embodies the traditional and unique Confucian culture. The stone gate is 15 meters high and 10 meters wide. The frame of the doors and Windows are all made of stone. The four treasures of the wenfang, the image is lifelike, the whole relief is majestic, the design is exquisite, the content is very rich, it is the most in shanxi folk stone carving, is the domestic rare art treasure.


"Two hundred years, thousands of miles north and south." The way of tea is far away, how difficult it is to run tea, how complicated it is and how risky it is to go out. And the paths of this pair of tea, not a group of ordinary businessman, they have endurance, have courage, with measurement of China's mountains and rivers, the gobi desert, out of the country, brought tea culture to the world, by moral, by the good faith, by kindness, by strong will and outstanding vision, opens the the same as "silk road" of "tea road"! In this article Wan Licha road to long yu chuan jin merchants are representative of not only created a huge profit, also wrote business culture legend, for future generations left a precious spiritual wealth and cultural heritage.