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Patriotic insurrection - the leadership of the mining movement to uphold the national justice

Shanxi is rich in underground mineral deposits, especially coal reserves. After the opium war, the imperialists coveted the mineral resources of shanxi. In the twenty-third year of guangxu (1897), the bureaucratic comprador liu (that is, the novel author of LaoCan travel notes) bowing and scraping, approved by the shanxi provincial governor hu hire, sells shanxi mining rights to the Italian Rosa first. It was initially kept secret, even confidential. It was strongly opposed by the people of shanxi. The corrupt and incompetent qing government has cheated public opinion, and in the meantime, the matter is returned to the prime minister's government. Under pressure from the British minister, in May 1898, the Sino-British both sides signed the shanxi mining company and transport all kinds of articles of association of mineral, pacify, Yu County, LuAn, jersey, hide, pingyang, coal and iron ore rights owned by the British commissioner ShangFu company, 60 years. In 1905, in Shanxi Province, he asked to issue a mine voucher, and insisted that the mines be owned by British companies and not be mined by local traders. This led to a vigorous patriotic movement. In this struggle, the canal has played an important role.

Guangxu 31 years (1905), pingdingzhou was the first to set up the mineral association, the resistance against British business forced mining. At the same time, provincial citizens and youth students rallied to demand recovery of mining rights. Taiyuan people from all walks of life in haizi edge for ore campaign rallies, canal this become warped in a speech on the stage, showed his will and shanxi fellows in a determined to take mine in Shanxi Province's resolute attitude, favored by the audience. Since then, canal Ben warped the difficult mission of the struggle of the Shanxi Province.

In the thirteenth year of guangxu (1907), shanxi officials in Beijing held a meeting in Shanxi Province to decide the establishment of "shanxi mining insurance company". Canal Ben was promoted to be the first general manager of the company.

In the struggle of the people of shanxi, the company had to agree to return the mining rights and the people of shanxi to redeem the rights. Through several negotiations between China and the UK, the amount of the total amount of the purchase is 2.75 million taels of silver, which is made up four times and is required to deliver half of the amount in one month. This is a considerable amount of money. It is a big problem for the newly established insurance company. The empty, debt-ridden government in the fuku has been unwell. The company therefore set the date of the payment in such a hasty and demanding manner, that it would like to borrow the provisions of the contract to make payment in arrears and default on the contract, so as to make it difficult for the family to pay the money for the mine.

At the critical moment, canal Ben was up and taking on the task of raising money. He himself returned to his hometown, and first mobilized his father, uncle, uncle and the rich businessman of qi county to lend heavily. And then to pingyao, taigu, and so on, and so on, and so on, so as to make sense. Qi, too, 3 to help Banks and business showed great patriotic enthusiasm, "all the Banks in order to ensure the jin province reputation both recognize first get a short term loan, never letting a stranger", actively raise the required funds, and the secret to the foreign bank cheque.

On the twentieth day of the fourteenth year of guangxu (1908), the Chinese government and the general public were present at the ceremony to redeem the mine. When canal Ben warped 1375, 000 silver checks to the British representative, the foreigners were surprised and shocked. Because they had already colluded with many foreign Banks in advance, they did not lend money to the insurance company, nor did they exchange the official money for shanxi, trying to keep the canal blocked. It was never thought that the shanxi ticket number of "huitong world" had already been prepared through various channels. They could not find any reason to prevaricate, and had to hand over the mineral rights obediently.

After the establishment of baojin company, the company has drawn up the constitution of the operation of the company and discussed it with the board of directors. During the period from 1907 to 1926 as general manager of the company, he led the company through the most difficult period of its development. It laid a good foundation for the future development of yangquan coal mine group.

Industrial rescue - opening the shanxi national industry

Shanxi's modern industry started late, about have happened in the late 19th century early 20th century, there are official, also has a private, including matches, textile, electrical, printing, mining, metallurgy, machinery and so on. But the successful operation of the foundation, and the great impact on the modern industry in shanxi is the double fu-match company founded by qu.

Shanxi's first established matchmaking factory is taiyuan match bureau, located in taiyuan city, three Bridges street, belonging to the official business enterprise, in 1892, from Shanxi Province, the public funds of the public funds of 20,000 silver yuan construction factory. This is the earliest modern industry in Shanxi Province and the earliest matchmaking factory in China. Since there is no machine, all by manual operation, and management chaos, official corruption, therefore yield is very small, daily production of only five hundred small cylinder, and the quality is poor, bad to use, to engage with executive orders, hu force each county magistrate of a county to apportion sales, but still can't sell, people prefer to use old flint, fire chain and stupid song light fire. Taiyuan matchmaking factory had been in office for ten years, losing money and failing to make ends meet, and was on the verge of collapse.

Is dying in the taiyuan matches, the canal this up $5000 in 1902 silver dollar to buy out the official matches, renamed the "double match company", the match bureau finally coming back to life and from then on into the booming development stage. Contact the become warped the canal to the famous south club village merchants qixian Qiao Diansen investment 5000 silver dollar, and from their own Banks, shops, raise funds 13000 silver dollar, a total of 18000 silver, reconstruction, renovation, and clean up first.

Double f match company hosted by Qiao Diansen, they bought from abroad steam engines, screw machine, we did the first modern factories use machine production, nissan matches the number increased to 100 from four or five box to 120 cases. The match produced by shuangfu is not only high in production, but also good in quality, convenient in use and expanding in sales market. Before and after the establishment of the republic of China, the "double lucky" matches had been sold to shanxi and shaanxi provinces. The two provinces and counties in qinjin county have stores that sell "double lucky" matches. Since then, the residents of the two provinces have finally ended the history of using firestone, fire chains and silly torches, and the sales of "double ford" matches have reached a point where demand exceeds supply.

From canal this up over 1902 taiyuan bureau to create a double blessing matches the company to a "double blessing" in the early 1930 s over forcefully by the shanxi provincial government, this 30 years is the most prosperous period of double f match company development, asset appreciation, rapidly by the original 18000 silver dollar increase to 200000 silver. The two major shareholders of canal and Joe have also been given a bonus of $200,000 each in 30 years.

The success of shuangfu promoted the development of shanxi modern industry. Under the influence of double blessing, in 1915, set up the SOP chang match company, pingyao county Jin Lin match company was established in 1917, travels in 1921 the county established kunlun match company, jiangzhou yu hua match company is established, and so on.

Educating people - leading modern education

The university of shanxi is the third university founded in China after the university of Beijing and the university of beiyang. It has an important position in the history of modern education in China. Shanxi university was founded in 1902, and in 1904, it was the third President of shanxi university. The Chinese traditional culture of Chinese culture is still like the imperial college of taiyuan, which is the traditional teaching content of school, history and poetry. Western study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine and other subjects. The two "zhai" were not able to communicate with each other until they were in the university of shanxi. After the supervision of the canal, the leaders and professors of Chinese and western zhai visited, and the relationship between the two countries gradually moved towards reconciliation and mutual trust. The university of shanxi has a short tenure in the university, but it is an important period for shanxi university to move towards the combination of literature and science and communication between Chinese and foreign cultures. Years later Qiao Shangqian canal this up for his nephew wrote an epitaph, if there be such a comment: "learning experience with outsiders, yet when the suffering is difficult, you place more than years, domestic and foreign each other speak."

1904, the canal becomes warped from the qing dynasty in yokohama, Japan, consul to reporting on activities, completed all procedures in Beijing after returning home, qixian contact each Banks shops and a large house, to discuss the creation of school affairs, qixian funds raised a total of more than twenty thousand two, qixian high school was formally established in 1905. Middle school is the first created in shanxi qixian county middle school, one of the canal this become warped, Qiao Xingzhai, Fan Chengzhai, Gao Xihua and others formed the school board, qixian canal this become warped chosen as the first chairman of the board of directors. The board began to select the site, hire teachers, purchase and donate books, and formulate the "qi county middle school administration constitution".

Qixian middle school library is famous for its large number of ancient books and books, which are donated by ditches and directors. Qixian high school physics and chemistry instrument room until now also is famous for the province, of which, such as microscope, human anatomy specimens precious things and instrument are canal this up then send the specialist to European countries such as Germany and France to buy back. There were no middle school textbooks, and he went to taiyuan, Beijing, etc., and asked the students to copy them with brushes. In order to get the physics and chemistry teachers, qi county only taught the teachers of the scriptures, and he sent some special people to seek recruitment in Beijing, tianjin and other places. He had used his family's ticket shop in the south to hire a physics teacher and a chemistry teacher with a salary of $100 a month from jiangsu and zhejiang provinces. In the channel become warped qixian secondary school, all students entering middle school qixian, the accommodation, meals, books and studying by replacing ink and so on, all the school supplies, a completely free education.

The successful example of the qixian middle school is set up by the main nephew canal. In early 1919, in the second year of his reign, he founded qixian private competition new school, and the new school left a glorious page in the history of education. Xu shichang, the President of beiyang government, gave a plaque to jinshan's "emergency justice".

In 1926, he bought property and books in yangshan, and founded a new library, which was free of charge to the society except for students and teachers. Because of the rich collection of books, the people who came to read were all the time. It was the public welfare library which was greatly influenced by Shanxi Province.

Jinshan is a new type of student, which focuses on people-oriented and people-oriented, and pays great attention to the development of moral, intellectual and physical education. Outstanding is to execute heuristic education, implement two "notice". Is a focus on automatic, arouse children's interest and courage, advocating children's automatic, self-study, making children become performers to teach lessons, before grant shillings children learning, preparation, its failure to grasp, teachers from the next instruction, camera support; It also advocates the dual professors to help children with good children from the side to help children, and both sides can improve and make gains. Individual professors who advocate for individual teaching, for the low-energy children, repeated practice; For children of good quality, the subject of extra-curricular activities should be tailored to the needs of the society, and the reference books are specified in order to further study. Second, focus on training, not advocating death. Pay attention to the development of children's intelligence, namely, professor when speaking to trained eye, mouth reading quiz to practice mouth, copied to practice hand-eye, calculate write to practice hands and brain, the flexible and agile, to increase the ability of deal with affairs. Schools often organize, debate, exchange of books and newspaper reading papers, achievement, calligraphy exhibition, exhibition of fine arts exhibitions, organizations also have basketball, table tennis team, chorus, band, to cultivate moral, intellectual, physical all-round development, useful talents to the society.

In contrast to private schools, the school adopted a combination of education with experiment and practice, which was the first in the whole province. This school is very pay attention to cultivate and raise the children's good habits, such as emphasis on "DE (training) education education", the development "the virtues of cooperation and mutual assistance", develop "the habit of keep rule", develop a style of "simple", form "the habit of students labor", in order to cultivate students solidarity, discipline, it is a simple, love of labor character. There is also a rigorous set of school rules. More valuable is also made the implementation of the system of guarantee measures, supervision and execution institution is "student council", when competing new primary school the school motto of "worship, but thrifty, hardships and stand hard work, enterprising, flock together" is clearly shows his education policy. The school is well known for its high quality of teachers, good school spirit, strict school rules, equipment and excellent performance. In 1922, li yuanhong, the great President of the country, wrote "teaching advice" to praise the prize.

It has cultivated a large number of talents for the eighteen years of school running. For example, li gang, zhang shangyi, zhai ruyu, Yang ruyi, kong, wu klu, jia bu yun, dai bin, etc. After the founding of the party and government, military, science and technology, finance, education, literature and art as well as the medical and health departments have the competitive new school cultivate students, such as the original step research office of the secretary of the central committee of the communist party of China literature jia bin, the original Wu Ruyang party secretary of China university of science and technology, the original artillery college advisor Wang Chongde, the original Shanxi Province people's congress standing committee of political science and law committee, a researcher Fan Daxuan, original shanxi mining machinery Han Ruien senior engineers, the original manager and party secretary of tianjin building materials company Li Damin and so on. There are yan zhaoxiong, Maxine and he qian on the other side of the ocean. They are all the best in the new school.

As the central committee of the communist party of China literature research office of the secretary general of the auction class 11 new high school students step jia bin is ever loving recalls: "private bidders qixian new two levels of primary school, was founded by Mr This county enlightened gentry canal zax, Mr Zax is a man of insight, in order to benefit society as an own duty and held a good thing, this is a memorable and blessed."

Race record 14 class graduates, the Shanxi Province people's congress standing committee of political science and law committee, a researcher Fan Daxuan recalls: "right here, I started by 'personality is the first life education, life education, namely to cultivate one's morality, and then put its first, and the world, is the teacher apparent12 speak again and again. Taking care of your personality is more important than anything, and it will benefit me for the rest of my life. Chinese, history and geography courses have deeply rooted patriotism in our hearts.

Chengcheng group "up and down the pear orchard" -- promote the development of jin opera

In the early years of tongzhi, the first stage of the jin opera was in the stage of development, which was favored by rich businessmen. Represented by qixian city gold rich TaiGu, quality, pingyao, xiaoyi, jiexiu, businessmen, investment founded the upper and lower bearing class poly liyuan, four xi class, class four class, four anniversary class class club. The most representative is the upper and lower pear garden, which was formed in the seventh year of tongzhi (1868), which is the first "word class" in the history of zhonglu bangzi.

He also built an opera house in his residence for teaching and singing. In order to improve their skills and performance, jin took the advice of the public and divided the garden into two classes. The work focuses on research reform and performance, the actor schools are diverse, each has its own characteristics, or to the choir, or to work as an absolute. After work to cultivate the children in the main, with the drama section nature. Liyuan made breakthrough innovations in music smoothness, scenes from wenwu regardless, bold pioneering wenwu scene set up, ZuoWu right, and according to the range, the weight, the primary and secondary positioning arrangement, make better coordination with actors, finalize the design has made a significant contribution to the development of JinJu. Liyuan stage play a lot, "back to jingzhou", "play golden", "loyal patriotism", "sell huashan", "the iron crown figure", "kou", "too gentleman resigned toward", etc., all are a specialty of pear, JiuYanBuCui. For a time, the famous corner of the garden of juliyuan, a great reputation. The establishment of the pear garden marks the entry into a new development period of zhonglu bangzi.

Good deeds

Guangxu three years (1877), the great drought in Shanxi Province, the source of the canal and the cousin yuan have donated huge relief to the poor. Shanxi governor zeng guo-tsuen donated calligraphy "light of birth place" plaque to show his praise. Guangxu thirty-one year (1905), qi county school was established, the canal source tide was also sponsored silver one thousand two, the school has been the memorial for it.

In his life, qu yuan has also donated large sums of money in his life, and the emperor guangxu has approved the establishment of a memorial arch for the emperor guangxu in his twenty-ninth year (1903).

Donated books

Qu jinshan has been a lifelong love of books. He has been accompanied by a subset of history. He loved the books he treasured, and he was dressed in black lacquered pine crates before the war, and every summer he had to have a tidal brain (qi county called camphor in the brain) in case the worm was eaten. After the Japanese occupation, because qi county "book industry sincere" colleague's rescue, the book still in the wooden box, although have the loss, fortunately not serious. In order for these precious cultural heritages to be well protected, he is determined to donate his country. The donation was delayed until 1954 because of the chaos and the heavy workload. He donated 11,400 copies of 477 of them (including the part of his deceased brother, jin yun) to the qi county cultural center. In 1955, the remaining 554 donations were donated to the shanxi provincial archives. Because of his devotion to these books, although he has donated, he still can't rest assured that in the fifties, he also let his son go to the provincial library to read the books in the absence of the damage. Unfortunately, after his death, the precious books donated in the "cultural revolution" moved to the basement and were soaked and damaged. The portion of the qi county cultural museum is still intact.

Donations are mostly rare, rare books in the book, such as in the Ming dynasty famous tea deserves to photocopy that ancient pavilion "the thirteen classics appearance" (one hundred and fifty), said wen jie zi "(eight copies,] in volume), the tianjin arrest secretary (one hundred and sixty copies, one hundred and sixty volumes)," Li Wengong set "(four copies, 18 roll), the top TongJian lu (one hundred and twenty) one hundred and twenty copies, and so on more than tomes, tomorrow shun Ming edition of commentaries for five years" daming it "(forty volumes), MingZhengDe nine years SiLi prison photocopy the micro section TongJian to less volume (19), 31 years Ming wanli Ming edition of commentaries" tang class letter "(one hundred copies, one hundred volumes), the book compiled (one hundred and sixty copies, one hundred and sixty volumes), tomorrow kai Ming edition of commentaries for five years the History As A Mirror volume (ninety-six copies, ninety-six), Ming chongzhen Ming edition of commentaries for five years" books "truly (32, one hundred and twenty volumes), kangxi and qianlong qing dynasty palace hall of martial valor in this grand ceremony", "southern (48, one hundred volumes), the royal bun of zhouyi compromise (16, 22)," the king James piven rhyme mansion "(one hundred and eleven copies, one hundred and eleven volumes)," five color batch GuWenYuan jian "(30, sixty-four volumes), etc. He made a great contribution to the protection of the cultural heritage of the motherland, and we have seen the profound cultural deposits of the jin merchants for hundreds of years.