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The qu county, Shanxi Province, is a large and prosperous family. It has been recorded for more than 600 years. There are about three thousand people in the east street, xindao street, xiaodong street, sanhei village, guanyun village, taji village, xibaigui village and ji Lin ping village in qixian city. The results of the fourth census in 1990 showed that there were 2606 people in qilian, accounting for 1.09% of the total population in the county, ranking 24th. Shanxi Province taiyuan, datong, yangquan, elm, taigu, luliang and other places also have distribution. Over the past 200 years, there have been frequent migration of people, including Beijing, tianjin, shenyang, changchun, wenzhou, haikou and even Canada and the United States. Besides jiangsu fengxian, shandong qufu, tengzhou, jining, heze, henan province, and so on, there are also family descendents.

According to the records of the second branch of canal family tree, which was written by qu jinshan, a descendant of the canal family, he was the eldest son of lu 'an prefecture. Shi zuoji led the loyal, loyal letter of the two sons from the upper party to carry the lute, pear to qi county to sell, then from qi county to sell the red dates, soil cloth and so on to make a living. At the end of the yuan dynasty, the war had moved to the city of qi county. After that, the branches and the population migrated, each formed a gate branch, and had the "word" of their respective generations.

New street east street, the city canal surname since xvi, lineage arrangement for long ", the source, this, jin chuan, rong, China, wan, who, in "10 words, in 1928, the house of channel 19 the canal arrival for installation and renew the" Zuan, above, and to recognize, lloyds, show, shadow, tolerance, salt, "10 words; The name of taji village is "PI, pass, yuk, day, letter, letter, step, body, top and add" from the 18th century. From the 18th century, the name of the channel is "long, lian, dune, DE, ke, bing, ding, ding, ting".

Book of canal qixian home, especially in east street, the new way street canal, the canal xii canal of the seed of Leo, i.e. the late qing and early republic national famous commercial financial capitalists canal tide, canal sources Zhen, channel source is dubious, drainage source polyester, drainage source channel, channel source a los.

The following is a list of the lineage

Two faithful friends, named jiang feng. Jiang fengsheng four children: son yu, zi, zi jing, zi xin. The eldest son has moved to the village of west baigui, which is the ancestor of the village of xibaigui. Zhongren, zhongyi, zhongli, zhongzhi, zhongshun and zhongxi. The sixth world should be martial, virtuous, clear, and should be good, virtuous, virtuous, virtuous, virtuous, moral, and modest. The relationship between the three and six generations was not tested. Seven shiting county, wife zhang, have a child self-evident. Since the eighth time, the two sons were divided into two branches. I was born at the age of 85, and I was born with two sons. The tenth world USES too, word effect I, son much shao. Use, word order, have more children. There is no such thing as a child. More than ten years, the word cui shan, sheng wen deep, wenhao, wen-wen, wen-yong, wen xian five children, thus divide into five. Long son, deep in the southeast. A, three son, deepened after iii JueSi, four son swim will pass the good village, Gu Village, five son, xian SanGe Village a, the second son hao city east street, street with new force.

Wenhao (1656-1737), his wife xu, and his son, tin domain. Xii (1687-1769), the word yi, the case of chengde. Wife hu, gao shi, children and sea. The fourteenth world is the same as the sea (1723 -- l789). Wife shi, sheng fan, fen, yinghuang three children. The 15th world changmen (1744-1816), the word han zhou, the emperor zhao wu was the emperor's master. Wife fan, wang, Yang, son of a son. Dimenfen, the word anlan, the year of the untested, the wife yan shi, zhang's, growth clear, long, long, long si, long mi. Somehow, unlike his brother, qu fen and his five sons did not have much to do in the political career or business. 3 enantian huang (1758

- 1832), the word tianchi, the state of zhili state. Wife cheng, grow hair, changxing, long ying, long gong four children. The 16th century chang sheng (1773 -- 1853), the fountain of words, the division of the imperial court. Wife yuan shi, liang shi, qiao shi, wang shi, shengyuan purification, source tao, source luo 3 zi. Long hair (1787 -- 1865), the word shaowu, the blue ling and the Chinese government. Wife shi, zhai shi, li shi, hao shi, yan, have a son. Long ying (1794-1863), the Chinese character xian, the salt transportation division. Wife liang shi, mengshi, roche, marshi, shengyuan chao, yuan zhen 2 zi. 17 shiyuan (1804-1829), the word qingxi, to give the constitutional doctor. Wife lee, born, Ben jing 2. The source road (1819-1878), with the word "five", will be given the same title as the doctor. His wife markov, zhang's, fang's, wang's, the original, the tian, the li's, the pelvis, the wangs, sheng benji, this ji, Ben cheng, Ben's four sons, another son not to die. Yuanluo (1833-1897), the Chinese character yaoqing, was the deputy chief of the branch of the doctor. Wife li, wang, zhu, yan, liu, zhang, li, born in the yi, Ben wei. Yuan gan (1847-1914), zi song POE, with the same knowledge of sichuan neijiang wenchuan county zhixian county, the ministry of military affairs wukusi, lingongsheng. His wife, zhang's, li's, cao's, born this good, this first, this plant 3 children. Source chao (1840-1917), the character of the star sea, Dr. Wife li, born in zhangyuan, benyuan. Yuan zhen (1842-1920), zi xiao zhou, longchuan, minister of government, minister of government, minister of the ministry of law. Wife yan, qiao, sheng Ben, Ben, Ben liang. The 18th century benli (1830-1881), the word guangzi, the candidate of the three ranks of general administration doctor, xiang sheng. Wife liu, liang, wang, sheng a zi jinxian. Ben jing (1836 -- 1892), the name of the mountain, was a member of the blue wing branch of the doctor. Wife liu, born jingren, jin qing two children. He was 60 years old and died. A second lieutenant guards the imperial court. The wife zhang, hao, hao, cao, sheng jin pei, jin kang, jin, jin tao, jinn five children, and five children died. He was 37 years old and was appointed to the job. The wife lushi, the son of the son jin kang as the heir. Ben cheng (1870-1927), the word zi qing, the example of the groom lang. Wife lee, cheng, wang, sheng jin ying, jin jie ii. Benfo (1877-1937), east of the word huidong, wife liu's wife, sheng jin model, jin kai two sons, jin kai shao died. Benyi (1873-1901), a word bath priest, is a student in the same title as the minister of government. The wife of he, gao, no children. This wei (1880-1928), the word xing zhou, is a branch of the same knowledge. His wife, liang, gave birth to a son, jin wen, and the other three died. This good (1864 -- 1906), the word bao chu, Mr. Dazzo's waiting for the examination and proliferation. Yan shi, li shi, cao shi, sheng a zi jin lu. This zhang (1861-1890), the word hengzhai, tongzhi the state Confucianism discipline, attached gongsheng. The wife of the husband, the birth of a son jin shan. Benyuan (1873-1903), the word jing, is the same as the hubei alternate county, the student. Markov, shi's, Yan Shi, hu's wife, born JinYun, jin Jiao two sons. Ben wari (1862-1919) was a bachelor of arts and political science. His wife Scott, chavez, jin 鉎 JinHe, jin 焈 the third. This building (1865-1884), yunting, wife qin shi, is a son. This liang (1871-1900), the word also lintel, ghost with zhang, kuang jin 焈 for children. The 19th century jin xian (1857-1919), the word treasure pavilion, the candidate of the flower and the ling of the candidate for the guidance, the new students. Wife guo, born in sichuan, chuanzhou 2. Jin ren (1856-1912), a thick - thick nunnery, was born. Wife guo, ma, guo, liu, cheng shi, born a son of chuan barge. Jin qing (1864-1924), the name viscount, the book in the cabinet of the five products, guangxu ding unitary deputy gongsheng. Wife gao shi, give birth to a child chuan hui. Jin kang (1873-1930), zi hou, wife hu shi, zhang shi, sheng kawanda, chuan tong two children. Jinshan (1880-1963), yan fu, wife liu shi, qiao shi, born a son chuan hu; Jinyun (1899-1948), the Chinese characters were written to Chen, his wife wang, he, yan, joshi and joshi. Jin 鉎 word iron clothes, raw Zhang sichuan, sichuan 珹, sichuan hae-chan third son. JinHe word dream cheung, sichuan, sichuan, sichuan and junwei, sichuan Huan 璿, sichuan abital moves. Jin 焈 word soloist, sichuan phosphorus, sichuan Hu, sichuan of the third.

Xiii canal tin domain channel's start, until the 19th world canal JinXian, canal JinQing, channel seven generations in the family has a variety of official titles, such as doctor in straight blue ridge division YuanWaiLang, letters patent grants in zheng doctor TongZhi bit, salt transport company with bit, blue ridge TongZhi bit alternate magistrate of a county of hubei province, etc., seems to be up and down all family is officer. In fact, the majority of the other titles were bought with silver, except for the few who were educated by reading. This is because the canal business has developed into 14 sewers and the sea age. It has become a famous big businessman in baotou, and its descendants inherit the family and the business activities have great achievements. By the time of the 17th century "source", canal's business reached the height of the sun, and qi county canal family became a famous big business in the country. In order to strengthen the momentum, show the door, the qu family did not hesitate to pay a lot of money, many times donated money to lose silver, to seek the title, in order to safeguard their commercial interests. Time as the late qing dynasty, political corruption, conflict and financially strapped, sell ranks and titles and line, the qing dynasty "but her thing" for businessmen, coerced, and sought, advised to act now. Thus, the whole family is an official phenomenon. This was very common at the time, and the jinshang eight people were exactly the same in this respect.

It is worth mentioning that the name and character of the canal family are very fond of using the word of the water word. Xiwen, wenhao, wen-wen, wen-swimming all with the water word. 14th canal with the sea, and his three sons Francisco stands of, beside the pond water is also the word, xvi canal changsheng without water, but is word with yongquan, water seems to be bigger, other such as fairy canal long ying word continent, xinghai canal source of word, drainage source Zhen word xiao yu chau, ditch the embellish had deepened word, canal this word pu raw and so on, with the name and the word of water next to the words, what is more, the channel source qingxi, polyester word is just five words with water, even the bacc the canal with the word, drainage source Zhen longchuan, have the meaning of water, the examples abound, there, canal family business name name is the same, such as source chuan, long ShunChuan, long yu chuan, SanJin source, the chuan tong, long ChengChuan, huiyuan chung, etc., are all related to water. The reason for this is that the word of the canal, from the water from the wood, the qu's family prefers the water word, presumably from the hope of "the flow of water, the flow of the stream" a kind of psychological expectation, a kind of hope and pursuit.