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The family man

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Canal source tide

Canal source tides (1840 -- 1917), the eldest son of yingzhi. Because the name is tian xi, the villagers call him "tian xi rich man". She was a young student, but failed to get the name, "to lose by a number of times, by a branch of the student" (" the channel star sea gravestone "). Parents use filial piety. Although born to a wealthy family, but not happy luxury, the family is rigorous, self-serve. He is generous and helpful, and his friends and neighbors are very rich. In the three years of guangxu (1877), the great drought in Shanxi Province, the flood source of the canal and the cousin yuan have donated huge sums of money, the relief of the poor, and the eight-year (1882) edition of qi county Chronicles. Shanxi governor zeng guoquan donated calligraphy "light of birth place" plaque to show his praise. Guangxu thirty-one year (1905), the school was established in qilian, and the tidal flow of the canal was supported by a thousand and two of silver, and the university was honored for it.

Canal source Zhen

Qu yuan (1842-1920), zi xiao zhou, longchuan. Because of the name of the milk name is wangson, called "wang chaeong". Xu yuan huang in the TV series chang jinyuan ticket is the prototype of his life. He is the brother of the tidal stream. Study from a young age. His father died in 2002 (1863), when he was 22 years old. In view of the difficulties of the brothers and the future of property disputes and unendowing, they will discuss with their brother and divide the family early, so as to develop their respective development. The source also agreed. So they analyze their family and their lives independently. As soon as the family, the source of the enterprise, the company, has been overhauling, showing remarkable business talent. "When you are a young man, you are a very young man, and you are very proud. The male Jiao perplexity. More than two dozen of them, all of them. And the public sector is in the sun." In the early years of guangxu, the donation was made to the minister of the criminal department. During my time in office, I have studied the laws of various countries. In the sixth year of guangxu (1880), there was a diplomatic dispute between China and Russia, and the qing court sent zeng guo-tsuen to prevent the northeast from changing. Yuan zhen was invited as the curtain to assist in preparing food and food. After that, I returned to Beijing. Soon, please return to qi county on a long vacation, and henceforth will not be a company, specializing in business. His way of doing business is always known for being prudent and prudent. He is never greedy for speculation, and he is most adventurous and retarded. The most conservative and conservative characteristics, guangxu twenty-eight years (1902), a hundred rivers open accounts, a dividend of nearly 30 thousand. According to qu yuan, it is believed that everything has its ups and downs, which can make a hundred thousand dollars. After the dividend, the principal was immediately drawn back, and it turned out that the eye of the canal source was really not weak, and the business of the baichuan was less than one year in a year. Therefore, there is "wang rich, have the eye, make money without drilling money" slang. The channel source is a business life, there are few cases of loss of losses.

The channel source zhenzhen has donated large sums of money to the qing government for many times. Emperor guangxu (1903), "to donate benevolence and benevolence, more than ten thousand", emperor guangxu approved the establishment of a memorial. After the revolution of 1911, yan xishan's financial difficulties in Shanxi Province, the local nephew of qu yuan was sent back to qi county and asked to borrow money from the canal source. The canal source, a generous donation of 300,000 yuan, eased the financial crisis.

Despite his wealth, he never discriminated against the poor. One year, a local people went to the city to do business, suffering from the lack of a toilet, in a hurry, in the street corner of the wall of a bubble. Unexpectedly, he was caught by the patrolman, swore at him, and then tied him to the military palace in the east street. "The rich man" saw, he was furious, and he shouted and shouted at him, unlocking his crotch and urinating from the yamen mouth to the lobby. The patrolman was so frightened that he tried to persuade him to put in a lot of good words before he could persuade him to go out.

During the war between Japan and Russia, there was a Japanese man who visited qi county and talked with qu yuan. In the conversation, the Japanese arrogantly claimed that Japan was at war with Russia in northeast China to help China reclaim the sovereignty of the liaodong peninsula. Canal source Zhen immediately dismissed, "since Japan is so concerned about China's interests, Russia and Britain today is to fight for China Tibet as a bee, why don't your country for the interests of interfering with China?" The Japanese were so flushed and tongue-tied that they could not speak. They had to leave.

Canal source is a recognized expert in the business world, but its family life is not very happy. The source of the canal was born with yan, who died after a short marriage, and later married the daughter of qiao baoyuan, qiao lang mountain. Qiao zhiyuan, the father of qiao lang mountain, was a brother of a brother in zhongtang. Mount qiao (1826-1887), the name of the super five, longshan is its word. Xianfeng himself (1859) nkoji, guangxu yuan (1875) as zhili xincheng county, a political voice. However, the eunuchs have long lived in the eunuchs, and the relationship between them is not very harmonious. More and drainage source Zhen naturally perverse, unusual, things appear more severe and broad is insufficient, "good man", and "pet" (" canal source Zhen epitaph "), thus the discord with Mrs Joe feelings. There are three sons in the canal source, namely Ben, Ben and Ben liang. This is a high myopia that is not for her father. The channel source zhen loves the second son Ben. Unexpectedly, when Ben dong died of illness at the age of 19, he was deeply sorry for his illness. He was angry with Ben and Ben liang, and he drove his brothers out of the house, and he was living with his mother in his grandfather's house. The liang has been in the outer space, guangxu 26 years (1900), when he was 29 years old, he was frozen and starved to death.

The relationship between father and son has improved, but there is still a great distance. "The governor is short and wide, and a little false. In every case of the province, the public accidentally, the bachelor has not tasted. However, the canal source has a positive attitude towards the patriotic protection of the canal and the construction of the industry, which ensures the success of the canal. The sudden death of the canal in 1919 was a heavy blow to the canal source. The bad news broke down and died in September of the following year. He was 79 years old.

Canal source is dubious

Canal source gan (1847-1914). The children of the canal yinghuang, son of canal hair. With the source tide, the source is the close brother. Because the name is jin son, call "jin chaejin". Some people say that the canal yinghuang has a heritage of 1.2 million, for the eldest son long hair, the three children of ying's place (two children, four children are not dead). The source of the canal source is the only son of long hair, one person is only 600,000, and the source of the source is 300,000. Therefore, the canal source is richer than the other brothers. But qu yuan has not made any industry in his life, and he likes to play the dog. "Sexual extravagance, thousands of gold pieces" (the channel source tide cemetery), a standard dandy, a home to kick off a clean light. Later, the donor, in the sichuan province of wenchuan county, in wenchuan county, a county, a government addiction. In zhixian, canal source has made many jokes. Once he will be moved around the pian "prose" words, since the kind point out to him, but he thought lost face, lost people, then argue irrationally: "we in Shanxi Province is the writing" ironic. He who is the chief of the canal will only pay for pleasure and will not get rich. Other people were "three years of qing dynasty, 100,000 snow silver", but he was not able to accumulate money, instead of making money, he was tired a lot. It was later returned to qi county by his cousin. The evening scene is more desolate, unexpectedly reduced to "the poverty cannot be buried", at last, the canal source of the tide comes out to be able to put into the earth.

Qu yuan's special contribution to society was the first of its kind in the history of jin opera. The establishment of "up and down the pear orchard" marks the entry into a new development period.

Canal this become warped

Canal Ben warped (1862-1919), formerly known as the bridge, the name chu nan. I have been living with my mother in my grandfather's house. The grandfather, qiao long shan, xianfeng himself, was a former zhili county in xincheng county, which was famous for its reputation. The qiao family has a private school, and this one is not only under the guidance of a good teacher, but also with uncle qiao youqian, qiao shangqian, xuehui, xuexi, etc., to interact with each other, and learn from each other. At the age of 20, he had a history of "child prodigy". After eleven years of guangxu (1885), "I was the first one" to get the talent. He was very instrumental in the study of political affairs, and changed his original name to this bridge. Guangxu fourteen years (1888), he was thirty years old in the cabinet. He was the fourth member of the third party in eighteen years (1892).

When the eight allied forces captured Beijing, cixi and guangxu fled to xi 'an. Ben warped for the death of the disease, the disease galloping away, deeply respected by the court. Guangxu twenty-nine years (1903), served as the foreign affairs division's consul in yokohama, Japan. The following year, he returned to the state of shanxi to supervise the university. In the thirty-first year of guangxu (1905), Mr. Benao and the gentry of qi county agreed to change the teaching hall of qixian county in the old site of the zhaoyuan college. In the past 32 years (1906), he became the general manager of baojin company in the patriotic protection and jin mining movement and made a special contribution. The qing government was ordered to replace sanpin jingtang. In the two years of xuantong (1910), the qing government carried out a fake constitutional convention and established a ceremony courtyard, which was awarded to the bachelor of arts of the ceremony, and called the bachelor of canal, and became a political and business figure in shanxi.

In 1911, the 1911 revolution broke out, and shanxi responded. The qing government appointed Ben warlike as a relief for Shanxi Province, and changed his life to be a member of the north and south. In the end, the emperor died, and in tianjin he lived in the qing dynasty. When yuan shikai stole the fruits of the revolution, he also tried to bring him to his position. Ben warped all the time. Since then, he has devoted himself to collecting, writing and publishing. Has printed the Liu Fenxi YiJi ivy hall, 戴廷栻 of half can set keeping, also plans to publish Li Yangqing "wei menghua hin poem", and the ink, this words, "style, set hidden calligraphy and painting, tries to review the topic, also took had planned new qixian. Unexpectedly, in May 1919, he died at the banquet of friends, at the age of 58. In the autumn of 1923, his son's coffin was returned to qi and he was buried with the original zhao fu in the new tombs of wenqu village. His family settled in tianjin and never returned.

Throughout his life, he was an official, businessman, and gentry, a very energetic social activist. He has been well known since he was a child, and he is very literate. After serving as a cabinet secretary, he also served as the minister of foreign affairs to Japan, serving as the consul in yokohama. "the Chinese people are dependent on the waterfront," he said. While being an official, he also went into business and started a business. The combination of a family of businessmen, the osmosis, the stealthy, natural handy. Moreover, the enthusiasm of education for the benefit of society is more respected by all circles.

Canal arrival for installation

Canal jinshan (1880-1963), the character ren fu, the word "endure", "seve", the number of the "no. 4", the book room. And then the word line. The grandchild of the channel. At the age of 11, his father, zhang, died and was raised by his grandfather. Since childhood, he was regarded as the apple of his eye, because his uncle Ben yuan lived only 30 years old. After the pity, he transferred the feelings of pity to the grandchildren. Yan fu has been studying in a family school. Guangxu twenty-nine years (1903) was admitted as a county student. Time in years, and listed the first, for LinSheng. After the establishment of shanxi university, he was eager to go to study, but his grandfather insisted that he would not allow it, so he failed. The grandfather's idea was to train the canal to be a business man and inherit a huge family. When canal source died in 1917, the commercial burden fell on the shoulders of jinshan.

Canal jinshan is not interested in running the business, after the death of the grandfather canal source, the business affairs unmoderated, forced reluctantly, forced to be difficult. But he is only doing some principled guidance, business activity is carte Blanche to the manager specific responsibility, more not to ask daily affairs. There are two principles for guiding business in jinshan. One is that it is absolutely not the business of speculating and selling short. Second, it is safe to borrow foreign debt in general. He runs the canal's 40 years in business, there are the largest and oldest in shanxi tea "long yu chuan", and "hundreds of chuan tong" Banks, "cheng" in hunan tea number, "series of the original" medicine store, "JinYuCheng", "city and" grass cloth zhuang, zhuang books ", "ancient calligraphy and painting shop," is building "ten firms such as pastry shop.

In 1919, qu jinshan founded qixian private competition new school in qixian city, which is oriented to social enrollment. In 1926, a new library was established and opened to the public. The new school is one of the few private primary schools in Shanxi Province. It adopts the new teaching method and implements the teaching policy of moral, intellectual and physical development. It is renowned for its high faculty, high school spirit, strict school rules, comprehensive facilities and excellent performance. Qi county has a high school graduation examination, the first several are all new students. The new school has been running a school for 18 years and has cultivated a large number of talents for the society. The total investment of jinshan is 80,000 yuan, with an average investment of about 80 yuan for each student. The central government of the republic of China twice praised the achievements and merits of the new school.

He loves education, and in 1919, he founded a private competition school in qi county, until the Japanese occupation was suspended. In the eighteenth year, the total investment of RMB 80,000 yuan, about 1000 students graduated, and the average investment of RMB 80 yuan for each student. Qi county has a high school graduation examination, the first several are all new students. For 18 years, we have cultivated a large number of people for the society. Thanks to its outstanding achievements, it has received many awards from counties, provinces and even the central government. He also plans to expand secondary schools on the basis of a new primary school, which failed to happen because of the war of resistance against Japan. In 1951, when he returned to shanxi from sichuan province, he donated all the new primary schools, the new sports ground and the competitive new library to qi county middle school.

Canal jin shan is also a Tibetan scholar (see "the shanxi Tibetan book family biography"). His collection with "bu cong", "four preparation", "si ku rare early set", "history of BaiNaBen 24" ancient rare books, such as tens of thousands of copies, after the founding of the people will be nearly thirty thousand volumes of 1031 ancient rare books were donated to the cultural center (now library) qixian qixian and literary history of Shanxi Province. His collection also has researched the Dan maple pavilion ", researched the prison for the "biography of Mr Taiyuan three, BiZhenJi pine feng shui chart, Wu Wen for 戴廷栻 couplet, Zhao Tieshan designed for its style of all kinds of high-quality goods, and qianlong drive makes the three Mr Hall include books, paintings, fell 2, three hundred, has made a contribution for the motherland and cultural heritage protection.

Qu shan's calligraphy, his small capital of elegant and elegant, elegant and resolute, meticulous, the jin tang kai method melts into a furnace, and not open new territory, 80 years old can still write the small block. Despite several wars and cultural revolution, his surviving documents and poems have survived more than 20 volumes, about four and a half million words. If such as his poetry manuscripts "four lent Yin grass", running script, tang poetry "lodge tianzhu temple" four screen, lower case album "wife HangShu of liu", "unfettered" sector, and BeiTa "the beginning and end of the chengdu shanxi guild meaningfully construction", "long yu chuan" total, qixian "mortal and eternal" on the wall brick banners, and correspondence handwriting, Chinese traditional medicine prescription, etc. From its calligraphic works, it can reveal the unique characteristics of calligraphy and the profound cultural deposits of its literati. But he never dazzled him with his calligraphy, so his calligraphy was little known. In 2013, the first wenbo of shanxi selected the calligraphy works to participate in the exhibition, and compiled the collection of books and paintings in the Shanxi Province.

In 1951, qu jinshan was invited to the meeting of the consultative committee of the people's congress of Shanxi Province. In 1952, he became a member of the shanxi provincial committee of the CPPCC. In 1954, the people of qi county were elected to the first people's congress of qi county. "We need to work hard to be a democracy in the new society," he said cordially. In 1956, qu jinshan actively supported the policy of "one change and three changes", and all the enterprises were jointly and privately operated. In the early days of jianguo, the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) stationed at qi 8, a school that used to be the site of the canal house, and actively wrote to jinshan, offering to pay the rent.