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His descendants are now scattered in qixian, taiyuan, tianjin, Beijing, yangquan, chengdu, datong, wenzhou, etc. They work in culture, education, and technology, with expertise and outstanding achievement.

The granddaughter of this nutrient-laden QuChuan chardonnay, the canal, canal of JinWen female, born in 1930, qixian liberation in 1948, to participate in the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA), in 1952 to participate in the Chinese people's volunteers, in north Korea, in panmunjom negotiation work in the telecommunications. After returning to China, he was appointed director of the central meteorological department. After leaving, he was now living in gaobeidian city.

The son of jin 鉎 QuChuan 珹, the canal, canal become warped and sun. In 1925, the capital economics and trade university retired cadres. The introduction of "introduction to trademark management", "national trademark law compilation" and so on.

The eldest son of jin 焈 QuChuan Lin, the canal, canal become warped and sun. Graduated from tianjin beiyang university electrical system. He was the secretary of the manager room of anshan iron and steel company and the secretary general of the planning committee of jilin province.

The son of jin 鉎 canal, the canal, canal become warped and sun. Born in 1929 in tianjin. Formerly known as canchuan-chan, the pseudonym xiqu, sha, etc. Member of the China writers association, President of the writers association of wenzhou, zhejiang province. In June 1947, he graduated from the affiliated middle school of tianjin industrial and commercial college, and entered Beijing yanjing university the same year. He joined the army in January 1949. Served as the Chinese people's liberation army 40th army xinhua agency reporter, English translation, the committeeman "volunteer day" editorial editor, "prairie fire" editorial editor, the committeeman of shenyang military region culture ChuangZuoYuan. Since 1980, he has served as the director of the creative room of wenzhou cultural bureau of zhejiang province and the chief editor of "literary youth", and the vice President of wenzhou wenlian party group, deputy secretary-general and vice President of the association of literary workers.

In May 1944, she published her first novel, "the black stuff". Later, in the tianjin newspaper, he published several novels, such as the su wu story, the Chinese food, and the old. In January 1951, in the "people's literature" published short story "single-minded party", the second year won the third prize of literature and literature of the fourth field army literature review conference, and then the south China literature publishing house published a single copy. His 1954 report, "he always put everyone in mind" (cooperating with others) was collected in the first episode of "the hero of the volunteer army". In 1956, "eternal sentiment" was translated into foreign languages and introduced abroad. "The stories of two red army children", "yoda" and "the life is not long," have been selected into the teaching materials and primary and secondary school textbooks of the teachers' college of liaoning province. In 1974, "new soldiers" (cooperated with people) was awarded the outstanding award of the shenyang military district. In the late 1980s, he wrote the micro novel "smile" and the novella "the emperor's tomb and the tomb of the prisoner of war". In 1990, he won the first prize in east China's excellent literature and art books in June 1991. According to the text of the literary newspaper, "the golden devil" has "recreated a historical scroll of the late qing dynasty". The literary critic says that "the golden devil" is a successful example of the combination of popular literature and serious literature and pure literature. In 1993, "jingoo" was adapted into a TV series "changjin source ticket".

Qu chuan xuan, the son of canal jin crane, the grandson of ditches. Formerly known as chuan 璿. I graduated from the department of water conservancy of tsinghua university, and I am a professor at the university of tsinghua university. Now I am an associate professor of English department at tsinghua university. I am also a member of the editorial board of the journal of English learning. There are five Chinese science and technology chinese-english dictionary. Zhang shuqing, a graduate student from Beijing agricultural university, is a lecturer in chemistry department at tsinghua university. The scientific research results were awarded the first prize of scientific research of zhejiang provincial academy of agricultural sciences and the research award of Beijing light building materials foaming agent.

Qu chui lu, the son of canal jin crane, the grandson of the ditches. He was born in tianjin in December 1933. In 1951, he graduated from tianjin yaohua middle school. In the same year, he was admitted to the aeronautics department of tsinghua university. He graduated from Beijing aviation college in 1956 and was a teacher in the school. In 1957, she was a postgraduate student in the control department of tsinghua university. After graduation, he returned to school as a teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor and professor. Presently for Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics computer department professor, the state council special allowance experts, national level talent pool members, members, Japan and South Korea in the scientific and technological personnel database, the American institute of biography "500 outstanding people of the world" list. Incumbent deputy editor "international journal of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence in central Europe, chairman of the joint research association international conference of the expert system in academic committee member, the first vice President of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence and secretary, international editor-in-chief of artificial intelligence, the Chinese ministry of mechanical and electrical, honorary director of the institute of computer science department of part-time professor of China university of petroleum, adjunct professor of computer science department of taiyuan university of technology, electronic research institute of Shanxi Province and shenzhen, shekou, the northern industrial university, wave group as advisers to the company. From 1975 to 1983, served as "fighters 6 flight simulator computer") and chief designer of the total control system was awarded the first prize for national science and technology progress award, aviation science and technology, aviation, computer high precision data checking system of science and technology second prize. Won the Beijing excellent software design award in 1987. Main works are: "the electronic digital computer real time control system" (science press, 1981), the classification of the design of the electronic computer dictionary (deputy editor, university of petroleum press, 1985), "artificial intelligence expert system and intelligent computer" (Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics press, 1989), "the latest computer science and technology dictionary" (deputy editor, shandong education press, 1989), "super set computer" (China railway publishing house, 1990). The machine model based on the logic of thinking Humodo -i "and" on the basis of the probability of multiple bay leaf division thinking machine model Humodo - Ⅱ buaa scientific bureau (1956 edition). The two articles became the first foundation papers of the pioneering field of independent pioneer in China. Other papers about 60. Chen zhiming, a graduate of Harbin medical university, is now associate director of Beijing medical university.

The daughter of jin 焈 QuChuan Yan, the canal, canal the granddaughter of this up. Graduated from Peking University medical school. Professor and dean of the department of excellence, Peking University medical school.

The son of jin 焈 QuChuan of, the canal, canal become warped and sun. He is the dean of the teaching affairs of Beijing 74 middle school.

The daughter of jin 鉎 QuChuan bead, the canal, canal become warped and granddaughter. He lives in the United States.

The daughter of jin 鉎 QuChuan ling, the canal, canal become warped and granddaughter. Graduated from Beijing yanjing university economics department, now live in the United States. He is an associate professor of economics at Oregon state university and PhD in economics. The young man, shoude, is a member of zhejiang province. He is a professor of library science at Oregon state university.

Xichuan xiu, the daughter of the jin crane, the granddaughter of qu. He was an associate professor of Chinese department of tianjin normal university and director of literature theory teaching and research office. Tianjin wenlian board member.

The daughter of jin 鉎 QuChuan mei, the canal, canal become warped and granddaughter. After the founding of the communist party of China, beiping was the head of the fengtai veterinary research institute after the peaceful liberation. He was a deputy researcher of the military medical research institute of the people's liberation army (PLA), and was the master of three defense (anti-atomic, anti-bacterial, anti-gas) research.

The daughter of jin 鉎 QuChuan jin, the canal, canal become warped and granddaughter. Graduated from the department of chemistry, nankai university in tianjin, and later an associate professor in chemistry department of tianjin university. Li shao, professor of chemical engineering, tianjin university.

Qu chuan hu, the son of qu jinshan, the great-grandson of qu yuan chao, born in 1911. 1940 graduated from department of chemistry, Peking University. In the northwest middle school of chengdu, taiyuan, taiyuan, taiyuan, taiyuan, and taiyuan were the chemistry teachers. In 1979, he retired and devoted his life to the education cause of the motherland. Teacher 1. To be filial to the world, inherit canal's family wind, every night must visit grandmother, father house to ask greetings, a few years like a day. During the difficult period of the 1960s, although he was suffering from a swollen body due to poor nutrition, the only food in the home, good food, was first used by blind fathers. After his father's death in 1963, he gave up the term interest to the capitalist in accordance with his father's will.

Chuanfu, female of canal jin shan, born in 1929. Graduated from the textile department of northwest institute of technology. Director of shanxi textile industry office engineer, senior engineer, and research staff. Shanxi excellent quality management worker.

Chanchuanjin, female of canal jin yun, born in 1936. Retired cadre of Beijing local animal and animal products import and export corporation.

Professors drainage rong fu, QuChuan boat, son of canal JinXian sun, born in 1900, 1928 school TaiGu inscription virtuous, graduated from Beijing furen university school of law in 1932, has in jiangxi, xi 'an, teaching in life. In May 1951, a sudden cerebral hemorrhage collapsed on the stage of the lecture.

Qu rongxu, son of canchuanghui, the son of qu jinqing, born in 1930, studied at Moscow university of the Soviet union in 1955, and died in lanzhou in 1996, which was recorded in the qilian canal family.

The canal rong gentry, participated in the war of resistance against Japan, the war of liberation. After the liberation of qi county, he went back to the establishment of the first division and the senior society. The canal, the father of the canal, was a financial capitalist.

Qu rongji, the son of canchuanghui, the grandson of jinqing. Born in 1930. He graduated from huazhong institute of technology and studied in the Soviet union. Associate professor of tianjin institute of technology.

Qu rongyu, the second female of chanchuanghui, the granddaughter of qu jinqing, who studied in helong middle school before and after 1944. After liberation, he served as the head of the branch of the people's bank of China and deputy director of the finance department of northwest university of xi 'an.

He was born in 1936, and was a senior engineer of the communist party of China. In 1958, he graduated from the department of textile engineering of tianjin university and took part in the work. He was the director of shanxi textile office, director of shanxi textile research institute and chief engineer of shanxi textile hall. He is the honorary President of shanxi textile engineering society and vice chairman of garden spring textile co., LTD. Long engaged in the textile industry, development of science and technology planning and production management, organizational leadership completed several research projects, new product development and quality, for the construction and development of shanxi textile industry has made a contribution. I won the fourth prize in the science and technology progress of China textile industry department. As a team leader, in 1989 completed the "textile industry in Shanxi Province science and technology development strategy research", the domestic experts identified, up to domestic advanced level, by Shanxi Province scientific and technological progress second prize of soft science, has also issued a "technical transformation way of cotton textile enterprises in Shanxi Province", "relying on science and technology progress, promote the development of shanxi textile industry", "shanxi coal chemical route development research of chemical fiber raw material industry and the development trend of cotton textile industry technology at home and abroad and opinions on the textile industry in Shanxi Province", etc. More than paper. Retired in 1997. After retirement in the jin business and the ancient painting and calligraphy research, the journal collectors in the national famous academic journal paper researched and maple cabinet/GUI jie Dan Dan maple cabinet again remember authenticity test ", published in the journal collector paper researched prison work, for the shanxi evening news in 2007 opened up a "jin calligraphy and painting collection" column. Continuously published more than 20 articles. In 2009, he co-authored a book with the master of canal family, qu yan fu, which was published by sanjin publishing house.

Son of canal 篯, QuChuan Hu, canal arrival for installation of the sun. Born in 1938, communist party member, senior engineer of education. Graduated from nankai university chemistry department in 1960. He graduated from fudan university in 1963. From 1964 to 1991, he was director of chemical research laboratory at the institute of geological experiments in anhui province. He has published 20 papers at home and abroad, and was director of the research center for geological testing of hainan province in 1992-1998, chief engineer. Retired in 1998. Now I have obtained the qualification of quality management certification, and engaged in quality management certification in hainan province.

Qu rong yun, the daughter of qu chuan hu, 2nd granddaughter of qu jinshan, born in 1946, senior teacher of taiyuan hall primary school. In 1971, I worked in education for 30 years. I have been the head teacher, mathematics teacher and 1-4 grade class teacher and Chinese teacher in the 7 years of hall primary school in taiyuan city. I have won the award of the advanced individual and excellent teacher of the school, and won the award of excellent teachers and union activists in the xingling district of taiyuan city.

Qu rongfan, the daughter of qu chuan hu, the granddaughter of qu shan. Party member. Taiyuan construction installation decoration company director of labor department and office director, taiyuan city second light bureau excellent worker.

The eldest son of the canal. Graduated from Beijing forestry college, now he is a Ph.D. In the department of biology of the university of garromina in the United States, and the whole family is in the United States.

Canal rong, the second son. Now he is an engineer of the chemical analysis center of tianjin university.

Canal 筤, canal long granddaughter of arrival for installation. Born in 1942, party member, senior engineer. In 1967, he graduated from shanxi agricultural college (now shanxi agricultural university). He is the deputy director of the department of science and technology of shanxi chemical industry and director of the environmental protection office. Standardization association deputy secretary-general, in Shanxi Province of shanxi standardization work, chemical industry, environmental protection work has made great contributions have 6 times was awarded "advanced worker" title by chemical, five times by the technical supervision bureau of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province environmental protection bureau rated as "advanced producers". Published more than 10 papers in provincial and ministerial academic journals, among which the analysis of standardized economic effects was selected by the organization of the ministry of science and technology and communicated to the general assembly; The promotion of clean production, accelerate the pollution by China environmental science research institute, the Chinese society of agricultural resources regionalization, population research institute of Chinese academy of social sciences and other units rated excellent papers, and into the Chinese journal of population, resources, environment and sustainable development strategy research ".

Canal HuaZhu, son of professors rong fu, sun QuChuan boat, born in September 1931, in the autumn of 1952 farmers protect the specialized subject graduates, Beijing agricultural university in the people's insurance company of China branch in Shanxi Province technician, in October 1955, the college teachers of basic course teaching and research section of the coal industry and Beijing in April 1958, YangMei group senior engineer, write "mechanical and electrical equipment overhaul the quality standard and maintenance task time. He retired in December 1993 and now lives in yangquan.

Zhang zao, the second female of the canal, the granddaughter of qu jin ren, the former civilian officer of the PLA's northeast military area, retired in taigu.

He was born in 1932 and graduated from the department of physical education of shanxi university. He was a special grade teacher in the railway bureau of the railway bureau, and died in 2012.

Qu hua yu, the jizi of canal rongxu, the former taiyuan iron and steel company, now retired at qi.

Qu hua, the son of the grandfathers of canal, the son of the river. Born in 1926, he studied aviation at the Chicago institute of mechanics. After the founding of the people's liberation army air force a field cadre. I'm retired and living in chengdu.

The grand-daughter of qu jinren, the granddaughter of the canal, is now retired to the city of xi 'an.

Canal HuaGang, canal RongShen third son, born in May 1950, the Chinese communist party party member, graduated from high school, qixian enlisted in December 1970, in the xinjiang kuqa (city) serving the army division 4, successive warrior, monitor, platoon leader, faculty, and one company commander: in October 1982, turned to the higher people's court in Beijing, successive section chief and assistant judges, secondary commissioner. He took the national self-study exam in 1984 and became the first self-taught college student in the Beijing court system in 1986. He was transferred to the economic court of Beijing no.2 intermediate people's court in 1995 for the trial of various economic cases. In 1996, he studied law in the economic law department of the Chinese academy of social sciences and graduated in 1998. In 1998, he was appointed as a senior judge. He retired in 2001, and in December of that year, he was qualified as a lawyer, and now he is a lawyer in Beijing.

Qu hua, the eldest daughter, the granddaughter of qu chuan hui, the engineer of lanzhou aluminum plant.

Qu xin, the second daughter, lanzhou electric power technology school lecturer.

Qu wanhong, the daughter of qu hua jin, the granddaughter of qu rongxu, deputy director of the large technical equipment department of taiyuan railway bureau.

Qu wanxin, son of canal hua, sun of qu rongxu, chengdu, chengdu, sichuan province.

Qu wan fei, the daughter of canal hua, qu rongxu's granddaughter, chengdu China people's liberation army 5701 engineering technology branch work.

He was born in 1980 and graduated from Peking University. He was once manager of marketing center of blue port online (Beijing) technology co., LTD.

Qu wan jing, the daughter of qu hua lun, the sun of the canal, taiyuan railway bureau for technical work.

Cheng, son of qu wan yi, born in September, 2011.

Qu wanchun, son of qu hua yong, sun of the canal, northwest street village committee of qi county.

Qu lifeng, son of canal hua zhu, sun of canal rong, born in 1959, deputy section chief of the accessories section of yangquan transportation 4.

Qu limei, the eldest daughter of canal hua zhu, the granddaughter of qu rong, born in 1962, graduated from middle school, senior teacher of mining area primary school.

She was born in 1966, graduated from the department of physics of shanxi university, and deputy director of the basic course of yangquan wei school, senior lecturer.

Qu liwen, three daughters of canal hua zhu, the granddaughter of qu rong, born in 1968, graduated from kindergarten, hongxiang kindergarten teacher in the former mining area.

Qu haitao, the eldest son of qu hua jin, the grandson of qu rongxu, and deputy section chief of the railway department of railway.

Qu hongqing, the great-granddaughter of qu shan, born in 1965. In 1988, shanxi university of finance and economics graduated from finance and finance. He was appointed as a member of the finance bureau of taiyuan city. He went to Australia in 1994 and went to Canada in 1996. In 2010, he was the manager of the distribution company of the Canadian scholarship trust fund.

Qu feng, the great-grandson of jinshan. Born in 1969, graduated from the accounting major of shanxi university of finance and economics in 1990, and graduated from the school of economics and management of the central party school in 2009. In 1997, he was transferred to shanxi economic construction investment company (state-owned large-scale enterprise), and served as director, deputy director and chief of the finance department