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Located in the beautiful and rich jinzhong basin, qiao jiachan's scenic spot is a fine collection of folk houses which have collected the historical features of the jin dynasty and reflected the characteristics of the Ming and qing dynasties. Scenic area in the process of development, recovery, form a new pattern of tourism: "four hall of a garden", the total area of more than 24000 square meters, is a central scroll, dexing hall and hall, NingShouTang, yuan garden, fully displaying jstars courtyard history style, elegant style, exquisite carving art, simplicity of folk customs.


Nine ditch scenic area culture has a long history, the humanities landscape, in liang village site is a mile away at the provincial level cultural relics reserves, the tang dynasty poet wang wei was born in the scenic spot, wen ting-yun, Ming dynasty novelist luo guanzhong all around the village. It is also the strategic location of zihonkou, which is recorded in the history books. The soldier of song dynasty, Yang yanzhao, was located in luoyang village, a kilometer south of jiugou. At the end of the Ming dynasty, celebrities fu shan and gu yanwu and other poets praised the beautiful scenery here. Located in pingyao ancient city, qixian ancient city, qiao family courtyard, canal house, taigu cao family courtyard and other tourist attractions.

Scenic area is at the core of ten thousand mu GuoYuan District without pollution, moderate temperature, humidity, water abundant, with the mountains north scenery, lake jiangnan water, around the characteristics of rural landscape, lakes and mountains, charactizing a fine spring day, is a rare in central Shanxi Province, taiyuan suburb sightseeing tourist attractions of sex of the scenery resort.


Chang source river national wetland park located in the eastern part of shanxi qixian county, north town jia jia to make bridge, south to come to town of far east fish, mizoguchi's channel is 36 kilometers, planning a total investment of 480 million yuan, up to the end of 2012 completed investment of 250 million yuan, the park has a total area of 14000 mu, including wetland area of 06900 mu. In November 2011, it was named national wetland park by the state forestry administration. It became the second national wetland park in the province.


Shanxi qixian jin old street, located in qixian zhao city, on both sides of the street is located in the 1 km with hundred retains the Ming and qing dynasties era architectural style tea houses, smoke shops, Banks, bank, pipe line, pawn business shop site and residential house. They not only provide physical materials for the study of ancient street planning, residential buildings and commercial layout, but also testify to the glorious history of jin dynasty in the Ming and qing dynasties.


With a total investment of 180 million yuan, it covers an area of 38 mu and covers an area of 38,000 square meters. It is the largest indoor water amusement park in north China. The main body of the pavilion adopts steel frame structure, 244 meters long and 31 meters high, with a total span of 106 meters, which is large and magnificent. The venue introduces domestic technology leading intelligent temperature control system, water circulation treatment system and series of splashing equipment, green environmental protection, safe and comfortable; Events have a tsunami surfing, skateboarding, surfing, river rafting, thread, interactive water house, loudspeakers, etc, and form a complete set of leisure SPA, restaurants, watershed supermarkets, rich in content, the function is perfect.