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For the implementation of the "Shanxi Province people's government on promoting the opinions of the reform and development of tourism industry conference spirit, according to the provincial price bureau of document [2006] no.2006jin price requirements, house of canal courtyard culture tourist attractions tickets price adjustment issues announcement is as follows:

1. Adjusted ticket price:

Ticket price: 42 yuan/person's execution price: 35 yuan/person

Preferential price (half price) : 21 yuan per person

Online ticket price: ctrip, the same journey, donkey mother 32 yuan/person

Tour guide explanation: normal explanation 80 yuan/time

Personalized tour guide service: RMB 80 yuan/time for the half-day tour of the ancient city of qi xian, and 80 yuan for the study tour of the tea ceremony

2. Entry process:

1. Online payment success.

2. Tickets can be exchanged on the ticketing window of the ticket office.

Iii. Preferential policies:

A. The scenic spot will offer A half-price preferential treatment for the aged 60 with valid certificates;

B. to under 6 years old (including 6 years of age) or children under the height of 1.2 meters (1.2 m), the disabled, the serviceman, revolutionary disable armyman, free press, 60years of age or older, etc.

C. Please purchase on site for the half of the ticket. This website only presells adult full-price tickets

Iv. Rule of withdrawal:

Tickets available for 7 days in advance; The date of the ticket is valid on the day of the travel date. If the payment is effective, it is not refundable.

Details: 0354-5223101