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1、In general, please make a reservation three days in advance, at least seven days in advance during the Spring Festival, May 1, 11, and exhibition to ensure your trip is smooth.

2、[Price and service] online reservation guests will give away free breakfast and bath.

3、Online reservation must be remitted to our account on the first 3 days (Spring Festival, May 1, 11). Before booking, please call the customer service department (0354-5224869) to confirm whether the accommodation room is full.

4、[room rate payment method] you can pay the full amount of the room fee to us in advance by online payment method.

5、[Entry departure time] according to international practice, the time of entering the hall is 12:00 noon on that day, before 12:00 the next day. If you check in or delay your stay, you will have to pay a half-day fee. Macro jin tai tea New York to reserve the room reservation at the latest time to 18:00 on the day, so the booking need to arrive at hotel before 18:00 hall, check-in procedures, such as can't arrive before this time, be sure to inform us so that we can inform hall front desk retention time delay.

6、Check in hotel check-in and check-out procedure macro jin tai comes, please show me your id card and text messages, and you made a reservation in website name registration by the relevant formalities, can check-in hall.

Please notify to stay in the center or the main desk in advance. After checking the room, we can remove the other expenses from the room charge. We can leave the store after the deposit of the key card of your house.

7、We will return the deposit to you if you inform us to cancel the reservation in the first three days of the hotel. The customers who use the online payment will refund the original card through the bank, and the refund fee will be borne by you.

Click online reservation